a pizzeria


waiting on pizza...


Sample menu. It changes often.

not pizza

marcona almonds - 4

fried marcona almonds, Aleppo pepper, sea salt

burrata - 10

marinated olives - 4

chopped salad - 11

castelvetrano olives, preserved citrus, herbs, roasted garlic

garlic bread - 5

smallSUGAR country loaf, roasted garlic, good olive oil


Kale Caesar 12

cheese - 13

tomato, fresh mozzarella, whole milk mozzarella

white - 14

ricotta, fresh mozzarella, whole milk mozzarella, pecorino

pepperoni - 16

tomato, whole milk mozzarella, the best pepperoni 

Rapini & Fontina - 16

white, roasted garlic, pecorino

prosciutto + arugula - 18

tomato, fresh mozzarella, paul's arugula, italian cured ham, pecorino

Mushroom - 17

white, local mushrooms, herbs,

fresh mozzarella, pecorino

seasonal & special pizza

littleneck clam - 19*

white, chopped clams, garlic, broccolini, calabrian chili 

tomato & white anchovy - 14

tomato,  good good olive oil, 

Aleppo pepper, oregano, parmesan

spicy double pepperoni - 18

tomato, whole milk mozzarella, sopressata, pepperoni cups, spicy banana peppers

*Available in limited quantities Thursday to Sunday

after pizza

italian cookie plate - 5

evoo gelato, vahlrona chocolate - 5

nutella budino, italian meringue - 6

olive oil cake, seasonal fruit - 5

little gems, pickled peppers, sopressata, red onion, pecorino Toscano, oregano vinaigrette

white anchovy, smallSUGAR country loaf, parm, green tehina-garlic dressing

little gems, pickled peppers, sopressata, red onion, pecorino Toscano, oregano vinaigrette

Murray's Cheese (NYC) Burrata, seasonal variations



il focolare is a pizzeria*.

we do not accept gratuity and do our best to pay our staff a livable wage.

our prices reflect that decision.

the space is small and seating is limited.

we do not take reservations and we cannot accommodate parties larger than 6 people.

we currently do not take call-in orders (the phone isn't even hooked up). 

we currently DO take walk-in to go orders. 

nothing we do is authentic. tbh nothing is actually "authentic." it's our version of good pizza with a fun wine list, and a few small plates. 

open 7 days/week.

Sunday - Tuesday 5pm to 9pm

Wednesday - Saturday 5pm to 10pm